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Somebody once told me, "The good does not make noise, the noise does not make good." Those words served as a source of inspiration for Myrrh and Manna.

Since the dawn of social media, the Christian faithful have been subject to a lot of "noise." It seems like every day a new garage studio evangelist is launching a podcast. More often than not, the noisemakers praddle on about everything that is wrong in the world without offering any type of solution. Sadly, a good number of them also capitalize off of fear mongering. Personally, I found that when I was caught up in all of it, my spirit was more troubled than edified.

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St. Paisios once said, “If you want to help the Church, it is better to try to correct yourself, rather than be looking to correct others. If you manage to correct yourself, one small part of the Church is immediately corrected. Naturally, if everyone did the same, the body of the Church would be in good health. But today, people concern themselves with anything but themselves. You see, judging others is easy, whereas working on yourself takes effort.”


As an imperfect sinner, I have plenty of things I need to correct in my own life. Hence, I'm not in the business of pointing out everything that is wrong in the world, both secular and religious.

I'm not looking to become the next social media "influencer," or some speaker on the Christian circuit. Neither am I looking to become a best-selling author. Rather, I'm just an average guy hoping to offer spiritual reflections and to present readers with some down to earth, albeit often sardonic observations of current events. No inflated scholarly language, no overly complicated theology, no hype -- just simple observations and reflections.

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While my commentaries may at times rub people the wrong way, I am of the opinion that a civilized society can still agree to disagree in a respectful manner. I'll admit, it's rare these days, but I think there are a few people remaining who are capable of treating one another with dignity and decency regardless of differing views and opinions.

When it comes to the fear mongering which is a vice of some "noise makers," I recall the words of Elder Amphilochios Makris who said, "We must have our gaze fixed on heaven. Then nothing here can shake us."

It is my hope that by the grace of God, the commentaries and reflections presented on this website will serve as an aid to you as you keep your gaze fixed on heaven. Hopefully this simple place among the vastness of cyberspace will be soothing like myrrh, and edifying like manna as you sojourn this earth on your way to the eternal reward. Let's pray for each other. 

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